electric vehicle sharing system

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Using the system of shared electric vehicles of BrainBox,
you move easily, quickly and ecologically!

Electric vehicles

Drive a modern and ecological, electric vehicle directly!

Rent vehicle

Create an account and rent a vehicle, just by using your mobile app.

Complete rental

After completing your ride, get out of the vehicle and lock it with the push of a button!


Here are some of the unique features of eCarSharing system!

Mobile application

All registration, rental, payment, vehicle finding, etc. processes are done through the eCarSharing application, available on Android and iOS devices!

Booking option

Found a vehicle available but not near? Through the application you can book the vehicle for 30 minutes, until you get to the vehicle.

Easy to use

Through the user-friendly application, the process of renting a vehicle, becomes easy like a game!


Driving an electric eCarSharing vehicle, with slight carbon footprint, you participate in the ecological actions for the protection of the environment!


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tonnes of CO2



eco friendly km

Electric vehicles

Drive a modern and ecological, electric vehicle directly!


Nissan LEAF is an electric car, which without impressions offers top comfort and excellent driving economy, without compromising practicality. The autonomy of its battery can cover its driver even for weekly use, while for travel, everything will depend on the available infrastructure (eg it can charge 80% of its battery in special charging stations only in 40 minutes), which will allow him to go beyond the limit of our 220 km test.


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